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Customer Reviews

"Oh my gosh, it's amazing! She is so talented. I love it!! Thanks so much <3"
- Tanya
"It's so beautiful I love it!!"
- Cindy T.
" I love the portrait! She even sent me a preview and asked if there were any changes I would like for her to make. I told her the changes and she was very accommodating. I'm sure my boyfriend will love it as his Valentine's Day gift!"
- Lauren
"Highly impressed"
- Robert
"People are going nuts. They all say the same thing, it's amazing. This is what someone posted, he compared to Hirschfield. I totally felt the same way : I absolutely love this and honestly feel it captures as magically as a Hirschfield."
- Jennifer
"Omg I love it so much!! It is so beautiful<3"
- Angela
"Thank you for making my family so happy with your art!"
- Lisa M.
"It is so freakin amazing. Can't wait to get more commissions from her"
- Ashley W.
"My family came to Isabella for some new paintings for our mom and pop motel and we love her work!! Fast, reasonably priced, but just amazing to work with!! I highly recommend her and will be coming back to her for more work."
- Nickesh P.
"Amazing art for all preferences!"
- Sahastri H.
"I can feel the vivid colors and passionate expressions. Thank you Isabella."
- Irene S.
"The painting is more beautiful in person!"
- Katherine